Is Worth Ethereum Mining with a AMD Radeon RX 560 4GB?

As many of you have noticed, the RX 470/570 and RX 480/580 are sold out.

You probably  been trying to get your hands on one for a while now, and the answer is the same everywhere: SOLD OUT! So you may be questioning yourself about, what if i  gave up and try a 4GB RX 560 for my ethereum mining?

AMD Radeon RX 560’s processor packs three billion transistors into 123 square millimeters of die space. It’s similarly based on AMD’s fourth-gen GCN architecture, but re balanced for more power-sensitive applications.


There are several Manufacturers using AMD RX 560 Chip, with 2 editions( 2 Gb and the 4Gb),  like Radeon, Shapphire, Gigabyte, Asus, MSI, Powercolor.

Small differences can be found but all with identical capacities to offer to your mining rig, in this article we will focus on the 4Gb Edition.

Compatible Technologies

Software Radeon™
Tecnology AMD LiquidVR™
4th Gen GCN Architecture
Radeon™ Chill
Radeon™ ReLive
DirectX® 12
Tecnology Radeon FreeSync™
Tecnology AMD Eyefinity
AMD App Acceleration
Tecnology AMD CrossFire™
AMD CrossFire™ (no bridge)
Tecnology AMD Enduro™
Process Tecnology of 14 nm, 3th generation
OpenCL 2.0
OpenGL 4.5
Tecnology AMD PowerTune
TressFX Hair
TrueAudio Next
Unified Video Decoder (UVD)
Video Codec Engine (VCE)
Virtual Superresolution  (VSR)
 Vulkan™ API

Lets take a look inside.


Polaris 11/Baffin
Base Clock Frequency
1175 MHz
Boost Clock Frequency
1275 MHz
Memory Size & Type
Process Technology
3 Billion
Texture Units
Texture Fillrate
81.6 GT/s
Pixel Fillrate
20.4 GPix/s
Memory Bus
Memory Clock Frequency 3500 MHz
Memory Bandwidth
112 GB/s

RX 560 Mining Ethereum (Review)

Hash Rate


The expected Hash Rate using an AMD RX 560 for mining in Ethereum around 10-12  (Mh/s) without bios modification. This is a very low value compared to the 20-22 (Mh/s) of an RX 580.

Bios internals

Although the existence of several Bios configurations to improve the mining rate, you should never expect to overcome the 13-15 Mh/s.

GPU Device Id: 0x1002 0x67FF


E348030 P21 XT GDDR5 256Mx32 4GB 214e/300m

(C) 1988-2010, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.



CCC Overdrive Limits

GPU Clock: 1800 MHz

Memory Clock: 2000 MHz

GPU Clocks

214 MHz, 603 MHz, 958 MHz, 1060 MHz

1128 MHz, 1182 MHz, 1230 MHz, 1300 MHz

Memory Clocks

300 MHz, 625 MHz, 1750 MHz

Temperature Target: 74 °C

Memory Support

4096 MB, GDDR5, Micron MT51J256M32HF

Memory Timings (Micron)


200 MHz: 0-3-2-3-7-7-21

400 MHz: 0-3-5-5-15-8-43

800 MHz: 5-5-11-11-31-12-87

1000 MHz: 9-9-14-14-39-15-109

1250 MHz: 13-13-18-18-50-18-137

1375 MHz: 15-15-20-20-55-20-151

1425 MHz: 16-16-21-21-57-20-156

1500 MHz: 17-17-22-22-60-21-164

1625 MHz: 19-19-24-24-65-22-178

1750 MHz: 21-21-26-26-70-23-192

1875 MHz: 22-22-28-28-75-24-206

2000 MHz: 23-23-29-29-79-25-219


Overclocking for mining in a AMD Radeon RX 560 is possible although difficult by the low memory quality from Micron.

It is disappointing to overclock the graphical card and to obtain so little addition in your mining hash rate,  can  you imagine mining in Ethereum around 10-12  (Mh/s) with no bios modifications and a overclock only takes you to 14 Mh/s?

Power comsuption

The AMD RX 560 graphical Cards have a low power consumption.

With only 80 W compared to the 150 W of the AMD RX 580, you surely need less power to run it, but do not forget that when you buy 2 AMD RX 560 in order to substitute one AMD RX 580 in a mining rig you will have 140 W (mining at 70 W)  on these 2 units instead of the 130 W of the AMDRX 580.

This makes your business less profitable?

It is true that the value of this card in the market is very low when you compare with prices of the RX580 and you may be forced in to buying 2 RADEON RX 560 instead of the a RX 580, lets take a look at one mining analysis:

2 x AMD RX560 Overclocked 

Printed on 1/16/2018

1 x AMD RX580


Printed on 1/16/2018

Do not forget you are using the double of the space to do the same job, so if you take the space in consideration you understand that you need a 12 graphical card mining rig of Radeon RX 560 to do  less than a 6 units rig of Radeon RX 580.

Dual Mining and other minings

ETH: 14 MH/s with Claymore 9.7, ETH only
ZEC: 110 MH/s with claymore 12.5  Zcash miner, raised to 158 on Claymore 12.6
MONERO: 459 h/s claymore cryptonote miner 9.7 beta
ETH/DCR dual mining with Claymore 9.7: 13.5MH/s ETH, 298MH/s DCR
ETH/SIA dual mining with Claymore 9.7: 14MH/s ETH, 198Mh/s SIA

Decred with sgminer: 444MH/s
Cryptonight with sgminer: 500h/s (so preferable instead claymore cryptonight)

Signatum (skunkhash) with official sgminer 8.3MH/s
Signatum (skunkhash) with prospector0.9.6MH/s

SIA only with propspector 0.10   485MH/s

Windows or Linux

According to most reviewers, it is better to mine with the RX 5xx on Linux, at least for now. They state that Linux drivers work better than Windows ones.


Cooling is probably one of the best things about the 5xx series and the Radeon RX 560 is no exception.

It is very stable in load mode and there are no complaints about temperature issues to the date.

Price change prospects

You may need to bare in mind the possibility of future reselling the graphical card  and the RX 560 will be harder to sell.

Some people of the mining community managed to get the most of their RX 580 and are happy with their purchase, and we believe they can get to be sold with almost no loss after use.

The huge market search for this model  gives you the guaranties  you need to be sure you can sell it if you decide to upgrade your mining rig.

Conclusion – Is Worth Ethereum Mining with a AMD Radeon RX 560 4GB?

Only if have really no other option.

If you are in to buy a AMD Radeon RX 560 for mining purposes, you will get half of what you could be mining on another similar graphical card,  of course you will be making money with the 2 set of Radeon RX 560 but the question is could i make more?

You will need the double of  space to operate your mining farm when compared to a Radeon RX 580.

Overclocking is weak for mining purposes providing little added value to your Mining hash rate.

Possible difficulty in re-sell, therefore is a NO BUY for mining purposes.

So did you learned about Etherium mining with a Radeon RX 560,Mining hash rate with a AMD Radeon RX 560,Bios modification,Overclocking,Power consumption…?

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