Mining With Cudaminer

This program is a CUDA accelerated mining application for most of AltCoin mining needs.

Althouh some may say that CUDAminer software is normally  for use on Nvidia-based graphics , the software  has gone through a good performance optimization and it makes mining with CUDA a good option also with the nVidea ones.

We know a mining case with watercooled 780Ti break with 900 kHash/s at scrypt (N=1024) mining.

The application is currently supporting

1) scrypt mining with N=1024 (LiteCoin and many, many clones)

2) scrypt-jane mining (Yacoin and several clones)

3) scrypt mining with larger N (VertCoin)

4) NEW: MaxCoin mining (SHA-3 i.e. Keccak256) <<< SEE MAXCOIN SPECIFICS SECTION

You should see a notable speed-up compared to OpenCL based miners.

The program is not supporting Quark, ProtoShares (Momentum) or any other highly specialized “CPU-only” coin, also no BitCoin.

nVidia CUDAMiner Quick-Start Guide

Install MSI Afterburner

Turn off auto fan speed by clicking the auto button.

Adjust fan speed to maximum. Click Apply. such fan! MSI Afterburner settings

Edit .bat to cudaminer.exe -H 1 -i 0 -l auto -C 1 -o stratum+tcp://poolurl:port -O username.workername:workerpassword

Run .bat and wait for cudaminer output

Replace .bat with the detected configuration = cudaminer.exe -H 1 -i 0 -l F15x16 -C 1 -o stratum+tcp://


I dont have a .bat file

Please make one in the same directory as cudaminer.exe

What does the -l flag mean?

The flag comprises of 3 components. prefix blocks x warps


Available kernel prefixes are:

L – Legacy cards (compute 1.x)

F – Fermi (GTX 4 and 5 series) cards (Compute 2.x)

K – Kepler (GTX 6 and 7 series) cards (Compute 3.0)

T – Titan and GK208 based cards (Compute 3.5)

Wiki table of supported GPUs and compute level

blocks and warps

Flags given to the kernel to tell it the configuration of threads to run.

I want to change the blocks and warps. How to?

Firstly, take the blocks and warps that autoconfig gave you and multiply those numbers together. In for example 15×16=240.

You can fiddle with the blocks and warps but make sure to never go above that product.

Otherwise you end up with your GPU crashing.

Configurations, you must try things like 60×4, 30×8 and found that 30×8 gave me the highest stable hash rate.

The key for sucess mining is experimentation

My cudaminer just crashes after startup

Update your drivers!!

There’s no real answer to this problem, try lowering the blocks and warps values until it is stable

Also, make sure you are not passing cgminer.exe arguments to cudaminer.exe.

They are two separate programs with different flags. If your .bat file has –thread-concurrency in it then you have just blindly copy pasted incorrect arguments.

Alternatively, add ‘pause’ (no quotes) on a new line at the end of the .bat file and post the output here for troubleshooting

I get a really low hash rate with 2 GPUs

Disable SLI.

You can also try to add the -d 0 or -d 1 flag to the .bat file to align the process to device 0 or device 1 then make two .bat files for each GPU.

Can’t I just set the -i flag to change intensity?

No, that is a cgminer flag. The -i flag is interactive mode and only has 0 and 1. -i 0 makes your desktop less responsive but gives maximum hash rate. -i 1 makes your desktop more responsive for ~10% less hash rate

How do I lower my intensity my GPU can’t handle the doge?

Run cudaminer with the -l auto flag and discover out your optimal maxim

Take the blocks and/or warps number and reduce it.

We found that reducing F15x16 to F8x8 would give about 40% of  maximum hashrate, and reduce GPU Temperature from 80C to 65C with the same fixed fan speed

What is -H 1?

Gets your CPU to help out a little bit for an extra 5% hashrate


So did you learned about Mining With Cudaminer?

Please let us know your comments


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