Is the GeForce GTX 980 good for mining Ethereum?

GeForce GTX 980

If you are considering mining Ethereum with a GeForce GTX 980, then you must be asking yourself what can i get from this GPU, in this article we run a test for you.


Radeon, Shapphire, Gigabyte, Asus, MSI, Powercolor are some of the Manufacturers using GTX 980 Chip,


2048 CUDA Cores

 1126 Base Clock (MHz)
1216 Boost Clock (MHz)
144Texture Fill Rate (GigaTexels/sec)

GTX 980 Memory Specs:

7.0 Gbps Memory Clock

 4 GB Standard Memory Config
GDDR5 Memory Interface
256-bitMemory Interface Width
224Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)

GTX 980 Technology Support:

(4-way)NVIDIA SLI® Ready

NVIDIA G-Sync™-Ready
NVIDIA GameStream™-Ready
GeForce ShadowPlay™
2.0 NVIDIA GPU Boost™
Dynamic Super Resolution
NVIDIA GameWorks™
12 API with Feature Level 12_1Microsoft DirectX
 4.4 OpenGL
PCI Express 3.0Bus Support
 Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Linux, FreeBSD x86OS Certification

Display Support:

5120×3200Maximum Digital Resolution*

2048×1536Maximum VGA Resolution
Dual Link DVI-I, HDMI 2.0, 3x DisplayPort 1.2 Standard Display Connectors

4 displaysMulti Monitor


Internal Audio Input for HDMI

 GTX 980 Graphics Card Dimensions:

4.376 inches Height

 10.5 inches Length

Thermal and Power Specs:

98 C Maximum GPU Tempurature (in C)

 165 W Graphics Card Power (W)
500 W Recommended System Power (W)**
2x 6-pins Supplementary Power Connectors

Hash Rate

The expected Hash Rate using an OC GeForce GTX 980 is around 22 MH/S at just 135 Watts of power when mining Ethereum using Claymore’s miner


  • GPU Core Speed: 1617 MHz
  • Memory Speed: 7600 MHz (3802 MHz)
  • Voltage: 1.231 Volts
  • Temperature: 65 C
  • Power consumption: 135 Watts.
On the 980 GTX you can crank the memory well above 7500MHz and remain cool and stable.
We noticed while testing this GPU, that you need to push both the core and the memory in order to achieve the best results for the 980 GTX.


6 GeForce GTX 980 in a RIG is it profitable?

6 x GeForce GTX 980 Overclocked


Printed on 2/4/2018

With a Profit Ratio per day of 182% and a profit per month of $191 , makes this GPU a satisfying option for rig mining operations.

Other minings


The results in the table above are for the ccMiner release 1.4.5-tpruvot using Compute 5.2.

Not the single best-performing fork of ccminer available, however it is probably the one with most comprehensive support for various crypto algorithms.

In the above table you can see the algorithm, the hashrate you get with the GTX 980 and the TDP usage percentage.

Windows or Linux

According to most reviewers, it is better to mine with the GeForce GTX 980 on Linux, at least for now. They state that Linux drivers work better than Windows ones.


There are no cooling issues related the GeForce GTX 980.

It is very stable in load mode and there are no complaints about temperature issues to the date.

Price change prospects

The huge market search for this GPU gives you the guarantees you need to be sure you can sell it if you decide to upgrade your mining rig.

Conclusion – Is Worth Ethereum Mining with an GeForce GTX 980?

If you are thinking to buy an GeForce GTX 980 for mining Ethereum, you will get satisfying hashrate.

Overclocking increases the hashrate from 18 MH/s on stock settings to 22MH/s.


So did you learned about Etherium mining with GeForce GTX 980, Mining hash rate with a GeForce GTX 980, Bios modification, Overclocking, Power consumption…?

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