Best mining motherboard for crypto

If you are entering in the crypto mining now, you may be asking yourself a lot of questions, and we are sure one of them is: what is the best mining motherboard for crypto?

Best mining motherboard

Asus B250 Mining Expert

This motherboard has slots for a connection to 19 GPU and up to 32GB DDR4 2400 RAM, USB 3.1 Gen1 and Intel® Gigabit LAN , by far the greatest connection capability we are aware of.

Overview of connections:

Power supply

In terms of Power it can be connected to a triple-ATX12V Power Supply and the 19x PCIe slots are separated into 3 groups, each with a dedicated 24-pin for maximal power performance.


It also has a voltage stabilization system with capacitors to provide steady voltage from your Power Supplies into the GPUs.

5X Protection III Hardware-level safeguards with SafeSlot Core, LANGuard and Overvoltage Protection provide component longevity and reliability

PCIe Slot State Detection

This board has also  a PCIe Slot State Detection for Easy management and debugging, so with the built-in smarts of this equipment that shows the status of each and every card you can feel secure in your mining operation from start to end.

At the moment of starting the equipment, the self-test screen will appear and you will be able to see a representation of the status for every slot — so you’ll know instantly if there’s a problem and if your mining operation can start.

Mining optimization

This high tech motherboard was developed with a special mining mode to serve your needs and you no longer need to mess around with the BIOS in order to maximize your return over investment(ROI).

With a simple setup, the B250 Mining Expert has a special Mining Mode that is enabled by default.

Network Performance

This especial mining motherboard is equipped with Intel Gigabit Ethernet, achieving a optimized throughput and lower CPU overhead, in order to get optimum performance from your mining rig.

The LANGuard, developed by ASUS,  uses an advanced technology and premium capacitors to get the optimal throughput and providing protection to this mining motherboard from lightning strikes and static electricity.

Hash rates

With so many slots available, you can push you mining capacity to the max, and make a higher profit with this mining motherboard.

ASUS laboratories announce for this motherboard, for 16 slots occupied results of up to 342MH/s*, and up to 407MH/s  with 19 GPUs in operation, making this the best mining motherboard for crypto.


The high quality of this mining motherboard is guaranteed by the high-class quality we are used to in ASUS.

The Cons

The real problem in this high-quality mining motherboard is its scarcity because it’s usually out of stock in the stores due to the high demand of the market.

You may not need all the Slots.



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