ASIC Litecoin/Scrypt Miner Wolf V1 and V2, SCAM?

Asic Litecoin/Scrypt Miner Wolf V1 1024 Mh/s (1GH)

Asic Litecoin/Scrypt Miner Wolf V1 announces himself as one of the world’s most powerful ASIC Scrypt miner for all cryptocurrencies based on Scrypt algorithms such as  Litecoin, Dogecoin and other alternative cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin, with dream specs, this may be Hardware scam.

We wait for the working units in the market to unveil this mining unicorn .

Main specifications:

  • Hashrate / Processing Power: 1024 Mh/s for the Scrypt algorithm (+-5%)
  • ATX power supply: PSU is included
  • Power consumption: ≈ 1.27 Kw (1224w board + chips – 20w 2xFan – 4w Host )
  • 12nm FinFET Process Technology
  • Network:  RJ45 10/100 Ethernet port
  • Mining Software: Cgminer rev3.5 with a dedicated WEB interface for easy configuration.
  • Number of chips per unit: 206 hashing chips
  • Mining cores the unit will include: 80 LTC/Scrypt cores per chip.
  • Hashrate per chip: 5Mh/s
  • Max Power consumption per chip: 6w
  • Chip package Size: 8 mm x 8 mm
  • The frequency of the chips: 1400Mhz
  • Communication interface: serial port interface
  • PSU is included: 1400W


Wolf V1 is from Ehsminer, an EU Company

The Wolf V1 is from Ehsminer, a company registered in the EU.

This is new for the ASIC industry since traditionally all big ASIC manufacturers were based in China.

Ehsminer activity is regulated by EU law, it might bring some warranties and protection when purchasing from them rather than the well known Chinese Market.

Also, this might positively affect shipping times and costs.

BUT still need to put the units in the Market… And at the moment there are 0.

Price of the Wolf V1  from Ehsmine

The actual price of ASIC Litecoin/Scrypt Miner Wolf V1 from Ehsmine taken from their site at this date is 3,539.00 exclude VAT

and with a 5 month delivery time…The scam alert is on red here.

Asic Scrypt Miner Wolf V2

A Asic Scrypt Miner Wolf V2 2GH/s based on ACSMA technology is already announced to be launched by Ehsminer, but no date yet announced for market availability. ( Another big RED Scam Alert)

They did not put 1 unit of V1 and are already marketing for a V2???

Are Asic Scrypt Miner Wolf V1 e V2 a SCAM?

Ehsminer needs to put units on the market for users to review, otherwise, it will be marked as SCAM because of the mentioned above.


5 Month delivery, not good for reputation


DONt Buy until you have it on the market and with normal delivery times, until then these are just dream Specs.


Check out our review and profitability analisys on the Antmine L3+ here.


So did you learn about ASIC Litecoin/Scrypt Miner Wolf V1 ? V2, Hash rate, power consumption, Ehsminer, ASIC manufacturers, SCAM…

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